‘The Suicide Squad’ fans are gushing over movie amid award nominations

When it comes to James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, many movie fans rank it among the very best of the DC Extended Universe film franchise, and for good reason.

The movie proved the concept of the villains-turned-mercenary team could be a darkly hilarious romp that resonates with audiences, despite the 2016 Suicide Squad calling that notion into question upon its poor reception among audiences and critics.

It seems Gunn’s effort to revive the film franchise, with an extra dollop of black comedy, a hard R rating, and an unorthodox climax for a superhero movie has paid off since it is now receiving multiple nominations from the Hollywood Critics Association.

The movie was nominated for Best Action Film, Best Visual Effects, and Sylvester Stallone was nominated for his turn in the film as King Shark under the category for Best Animated or VSX Performance, according to DiscussingFilm.

Considering The Suicide Squad is up against heavy hitters in the action category like Marvel’s massive hit Shang-Chi, the latest 007 flick No Time To Die, and the Netflix western The Harder They Fall, we’d say Gunn has done alright for himself this year. Apparently, many fans agreed.

One DC fanatic even went so far as to call the film a “masterpiece” of a comic book movie.

Another user relayed how floored he was for the sheer variety of nominations the movie snagged.

Another user chimed in, saying it was their favorite superhero movie this year overall, quite a compliment when you consider the excellent Shang-Chi and Zack Snyder’s Justice League also came out this year.

And despite VFX marvels this year like Dune and Free Guy, many put their money on The Suicide Squad for sweeping that category, as well.

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