‘The Suicide Squad’ star would love to return as King Shark

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The Suicide Squad
may not have achieved the box office success it was intended to, but its spin-off series, Peacemaker, has proved to be a major hit. Many may not know this, but Steve Agee, who portrays A.R.G.U.S agent John Economos in the DC series, also provided motion-capture work for King Shark in the 2021 film. 

While the character was voiced by Sylvester Stallone, Agee, who stands at a lofty six feet and seven inches tall, took on the physical role. From his conversation with ComicBook.com, the actor says he absolutely enjoyed his time as the anthropomorphic man-eater. When asked about his time portraying the character, he said this:

100%. I loved doing King Shark. It was so much fun, and that was the majority of my work on Suicide Squad. As far as Economos, I think I shot for maybe five days. In King Shark, I shot for 70 or 75 days. I think I worked on the movie more than any other actor, I think Margot [Robbie] was the second closest, with maybe high 70s or something.

He further added that he would love to take on the role as King Shark again in the future, sharing his memorable time with the cast of the film: 

It was fun just to get to be around Idris [Elba] and Margot and David [Dastmalchian] and Daniela [Melchior]. God, it was a lot of fun, and it’s such a lovable character and I really loved doing it. I hope, if they use him somewhere else in the universe, I hope they let me do it.

There’s no news yet about the future of any other cast members of The Suicide Squad, except Peacemaker, whose show was green-lit for a second season. Hopefully, King Shark resurfaces sometime soon on our screens.