The Wall-Crawler Hitches A Ride In Latest Spider-Man: Homecoming Set Photos


After crawling around the streets of New York City for several weeks, Tom Holland’s friendly neighborhood wall-crawler has reared his head in Germany, as this latest wave of set photos for Spider-Man: Homecoming attest.

Seen here aboard a double decker bus just beside the country’s famous Brandenburg Gate, a nighttime shoot in Germany does raise more questions than answers. Exactly why has Jon Watts’ hotly-anticipated standalone movie uprooted and moved across the pond for some last-minute filming? It is, in all likelihood, related to the story, and without any context to discern, it’s difficult to give a concrete analysis.

Either way, be it New York City or Deutschland, Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature Tom Holland in full-on hero mode. He’ll need to be on his ‘A’ game by the time Watts’ reboot rolls around in July of next year, given that Marvel has assembled a entourage of villains for Holland’s fresh-faced newcomer to lock horns with. The Vulture, The Shocker and potentially Nightwatch all look set to feature in next year’s actioner, and though a handful of ardent Spidey fans have expressed concerns that Marvel and Sony’s redo could go the Spider-Man 3 of overstuffing the feature, the air surrounding Homecoming is, generally speaking, one of cautious optimism.

It’s an exciting time to be a fan of all things Spidey, too, after it was revealed just yesterday that despite the radio silence, Sony is still mulling over plans for those dormant spinoffs – Venom being the likely one to take precedent. As for Spider-Man: Homecoming, expect Holland to reprise as Peter Parker on July 7, 2017.