The Web-Head’s Sleek Costume Is Thrust Into The Spotlight In Latest Spider-Man: Homecoming Promo


Iron Man’s Mark XLVII isn’t the only super-suit to get the spotlight today, now that Marvel has rolled out another promo for Spider-Man: Homecoming that directs attention toward the Web-Head’s sleek costume and its many bells and whistles.

This isn’t the first time that the studio has outlined Spider-Man’s arsenal of built-in tools – designed by Tony Stark, the skin-tight suit comes packing an upgraded web shooter replete with laser targeting and, of course, a set of web wings designed for a quick getaway – though today’s promo delves a little deeper beneath the fabric to pinpoint the recon drone, the “detachable chest piece [that] transforms into a drone and sends information back to the suit.” Pretty neat, right?

It doesn’t end there, as Spidey’s bleeding-edge costume automatically conforms to the user’s body – in this case, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, who first swung onto the scene in last year’s Captain America: Civil War. Indeed, Joe and Anthony Russo’s blockbuster threequel laid the groundwork for Stark and Parker’s crackerjack dynamic, and we know from previous promos that Homecoming will continue to foster that father-son bond in three months’ time. Having equipped Tom Holland’s protagonist with the latest tech, Tony Stark no doubt feels a sense of responsibility to Parker, and given the two are expected to share “five or six” scenes in the final product, we’re intrigued to find out how Marvel and Jon Watts’ star-studded reboot explores that relationship further.

On July 7th, Spider-Man: Homecoming leaps into theaters across the globe. It’s not so much the sixth Spider-Man movie as it is the first Peter Parker movie, according to producer Eric Hauserman Carroll, who offered up new clues pertaining to Jon Watts’ upcoming reboot during a recent chat with Empire.