‘The Witcher’ deleted scene hints at key season 3 storyline

Image via Netflix

The Witcher‘s long-awaited second season was one of the best things on Netflix over the festive season. It’s been two long years since we last saw Henry Cavill’s Geralt, but the new episodes were well worth the wait and substantially push the story forward.

Now that the show is definitively a hit, the creative team can be more confident about future seasons, something proved by the deleted scenes recently added to Netflix. These hint at plot lines certain to be explored in the third season, particularly the civil war between the Brotherhood of Sorcerers that’s hugely important to Andrzej Sapkowski’s overarching story.

Check it out:

Set in Aretuza at some point during the events of the second season, we see a confrontation between Stregobor and Vilgefortz. This gives us a quick recap of Vilgefortz’s past, including that his magic comes via druids rather than traditional tutelage. The pair then discuss Yennefer’s use of fire magic at the Battle of Sodden Hill, with Stregobor ominously promising that “there’s always a price”.

Though cut from season 2, I suspect the scene will prove key to establishing the conflict of the next season, specifically how Yennefer is treated by other mages and their reaction to Ciri’s powers.

Hopefully, we don’t have such a long wait to find out exactly what’s going on. Whatever the case, prequel show The Witcher: Blood Origin, will fill the gap with an explanation of how The Witcher‘s world ended up in such a state. But after season 2, I’m really hoping we can see the show back in early 2023.

The Witcher‘s second season is now available on Netflix.