The Internet Thinks Christopher Nolan’s Secret Film Is Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

A few casting announcements aside, the next Christopher Nolan movie remains shrouded in mystery. And since no plot details or even a title has been announced for the project, fans are pretty much at liberty to spin whatever theory they want about the movie, including the suggestion that it might be the long-awaited Green Lantern Corps film.

Thomas Polito of Geeks WorldWide recently took to Twitter with a couple of posts observing some vague similarities between the two Warner Bros projects. For one thing, the Nolan movie’s July 17th, 2020, release date falls somewhat close to the June 19th date that was announced back in 2015 for Green Lantern Corps.

On top of that, it’s argued that recently reported cast members Robert Pattinson and John David Washington would make good fits for Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart, respectively. Lastly, it’s suggested that the “age-appropriate female lead” and “older male co-star” that Nolan is reportedly looking for could be referring to Carol Ferris and Sinestro.

Though Polito may not have been 100% serious in his speculation, fans are already sold on the idea, even if most of them will need a lot more evidence than this to start believing that the Dark Knight helmsman is returning to superhero cinema. And while it’s currently looking highly unlikely that a Green Lantern Corps film will even come out in 2020 – let alone that Nolan’s the one directing it – surely there’s no harm in letting people dream a while.

In any case, with Nolan’s movie set to begin filming this summer, we can hopefully expect a few more details to emerge in the coming months. Either way, we’ll find out what the director’s been secretly cooking up when it arrives in theaters on July 17th, 2020.

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