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There Could Be An Obvious Reason Neo Doesn’t Remember Trinity In The Matrix 4

The truth may be right in front of us.

The Matrix Resurrections

With The Matrix: Resurrections airing its first trailer earlier today there were plenty of new questions posed and few answered regarding how this film will pick up the story laid out by the original Matrix trilogy.

One of the strangest things highlighted in the trailer is that neither Neo nor Trinity seem to remember one another. Fans of the series will know the significance the pair’s relationship has had to the story.

Originally Trinity and Neo first encountered one another inside the Matrix as Trinity and the rest of her crew set out to free Neo from the simulation to take his role as The One in the real world and lead the assault against the machines.

Ultimately this happens and the pair forge a close relationship alongside one another until Trinity’s tragic death in the franchise’s third installment so with all this history it comes as a surprise that the pair don’t remember each other.

This could be linked to someone explicitly highlighted during the trailer though and that is the fabled Blue Pills. During the original Matrix film, Neo is given a choice to take the Blue Pill which will erase his memory of his encounter with Morpheus and send him back to living within the simulation. Alternatively, the option that Neo chooses is to take the Red Pill allowing him to free his mind and wake up from the simulation to see the truth of what the world has become.

Because of Neo’s decision we never actually see what the effects of the Blue Pill look like and that might be exactly what we are seeing in the newly released trailer. These pills that are explicitly shown both being taken by Neo and being dumbed into his sink may be the cause for Neo and Trinity losing their memories.

We do see in the trailer that eventually the pair get their memories back and rebel against the machines once again, however, we’ll have to wait to see exactly what evil has caused Neo and perhaps Trinity to become reliant on these pills.

We’ll have to wait until the movie is released later this year to get full confirmation on this theory and in the meantime, we’ll likely learn plenty more about what this new installment of The Matrix has to offer.

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