These Fan-Made Muppet Horror Movie Spoofs Are So Good We Want Them To Be Real

It’s hard to find a more flexible cast of characters to put into a story than the Muppets. They fit well into Muppet Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol, plus it’s become a fan-favorite tradition on the internet to choose which Muppet would play whom in favorite films. But what if this extended into the realm of horror?

While Muppet Haunted Mansion has been a massive success, one Reddit user named Videowulff wanted to see the famous puppets in some truly spine-tinglingly terrifying horror flicks. With a bit of patience and some Photoshop skills, they brought these incredible mockups to life:

The pictures posted to /r/horror were incredibly popular, with users chiming in about how much they loved the ideas, thought Animal in Insidious seemed to be the most popular.

Though Fozzie Kreuger was also a big hit!

Do you have any horror films that the Muppets might be able to fit into a bit too well? Give us your most blessed — or cursed — ideas!