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Things get heated in the DC fandom as ‘The Batman’ action scenes get ranked

They're ranking the action from 1 to 10.

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Batman fans are swarming the DC Cinematic subreddit to rank the action in the newest installment.

While The Batman has been well-received by critics, fans, and casual moviegoers, DenisBastardMan must have realized that there’s no consensus on the film’s action scenes when they posted, “What would you rank the ACTION in The Batman out of 10?”

This question attracted over 430 comments in 10 hours. Every number between two and 10 has been chosen. We’ll start on a positive note by showcasing the high numbers and their supporting reasons:

The 5-and-under ratings are similarly numerous and measured.

The average of these ratings looks to be in the 6 range, which tracks what critics have said about the action. “Realistic” has been thrown around a lot, as have “big” and “unpredictable.” However, those superlatives have been countered by “slow” and “boring”. Kurt Loder, writing for Reason, properly summed up the action: “The Batman is a great action movie. Not that there’s a lot of action in it — the story’s a little too mopey for that—but there are a couple of sequences that tear things up in classic fashion.” He cited the car chase involving the Penguin and the subway brawl.

There you have it: The Batman has some well-choreographed and exhilarating action scenes, but they’re few and far between. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as many fans preferred the slow-build detective motif over non-stop action.

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