This animated film choke-slammed its way to streaming success

A new animated film produced in tandem by Paramount Animation and WWE Studios, Rumble, is the king of the hill on Paramount Plus.

Originally intended for a full theatrical release, Rumble was then designated as a Paramount Plus streaming exclusive following the pandemic, and it’s come at the perfect time as families are back home and together for Christmas.

The WWE coproduction follows a universe where monsters do exist and compete in global wrestling competitions with each other. The monsters are their world’s Lionel Messi or Michael Jordan, superstars who transcend sport. The plot revolves around the daughter wanting to emulate her father and coach a monster all the way to a championship win.

Headlining the film are animated movie and comedy alum Will Arnett, Australian starlet Geraldine Viswanathan, Terry Crews, Ben Schwartz, and a cavalcade of former sports stars lending their voices to various characters. Charles Barkley, Chris Eubank, and Becky Lynch make the jump into voice acting to add extra legitimacy to the wrestling sports flick.

The film is currently at the number one spot on Paramount Plus according to FlixPatrol and is receiving lukewarm reviews from critics, but will no doubt catch the imagination of young kids desperate for something new to watch this holiday season. Originally based on a graphic novel Monsters on the Hill by Rob Harrell, this may just be the start of a new franchise for Paramount Plus.