A Dark Superhero Movie Is Dominating Streaming Right Now


Fox’s X-Men franchise had many highs and lows over its 20-year history. Pretty much for every great installment like 2004’s X-2 there was a weak one like 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. One of the absolute best, though, is inarguably 2017’s Logan, the third solo movie for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and also his last ever time playing the iconic anti-hero to date. Given its popularity with fans, it’s no surprise that it’s currently dominating on streaming.

Logan has been cruising up the charts on Hulu across this week. On Tuesday, James Mangold’s second X-Men effort, after 2013’s solid The Wolverine, reached sixth place in the rankings on the Disney-owned platform. By Thursday, it had risen up to fifth. And, as of this Friday, it’s now the fourth most popular film on the streaming service. The odds are it could climb up the chart even higher over the weekend as more and more subscribers check it out.

Logan broke away from previous X-Men movies, outside of the much more comedic Deadpool films, with its R-rating, which allowed Mangold to go grittier and more violent than ever before. Not to mention giving the story more nuance and depth than the PG-13 flicks allowed. Jackman gives maybe his best performance ever in the title role, with the same going for Sir Patrick Stewart playing Charles Xavier one last time. Meanwhile, Dafne Keen provides a stunning debut turn as Logan’s clone daughter, Laura.

The high pedestal that Logan is placed on by fans is likely why Marvel Studios is taking their time in rebooting the character now that they have the rights to the X-Men universe. According to the latest rumors, Marvel may elect to retain the R-rating for its first Wolverine movie, which will have to find someone to step into Jackman’s boots as James Howlett. But for the moment, relive what could be the greatest X-Men flick of them all on Hulu now.