Kevin Feige Reportedly Wants To Make An R-Rated Wolverine Movie


One day, Wolverine will be rebooted within the MCU. At this point, we don’t know when that will be, but it’s inevitable considering the character’s popularity. Much like with the X-Men as a whole, Marvel Studios doesn’t seem in a rush to bring Logan into the fold even though they now have the movie rights, no doubt due to how recently Fox’s adaptation concluded. Wolverine himself only last appeared on our screens in 2017’s Logan, after all.

And that will be a hard movie to top, considering it was a huge financial and critical smash. However, it looks like Kevin Feige has got some early ideas on how he can at least match James Mangold’s film, which famously killed off Hugh Jackman’s anti-hero. Geekosity is reporting that the Marvel president is keen to do an R-rated Wolverine film later down the line, as part of a general push from the executive towards more mature projects in the MCU.

Feige has previously assured fans that Deadpool 3 will be getting an R-rating, although it is the only movie currently in development at Marvel that sports such a certificate (even Blade will be PG-13). After Fox’s success with previous DP movies, Disney is willing to get around its family-friendly image for the big money DP3 will no doubt bring in. It appears that the Wolverine reboot could take a similar route.

Geekosity notes that this project is unlikely to feature Jackman, though he is supposedly in conversation with the studio and hasn’t 100% ruled out a return just yet. Most signs are pointing to a new actor having to be found, and whoever it is will assuredly embody the same ferocity and complex morals of the Canadian mutant that we saw in Jackman’s Logan. They’ve got big shoes to fill, but knowing Marvel, they’ll serve up something much closer to the comics, which should please Wolverine fans.

Deadpool 3, meanwhile, is being scripted now and is set to start shooting by the end of 2022.