This Iron Man Star Lives In A House That Replicates A Turtle Shell

Robert Downey Jr.’s seven acre home in Malibu, California is a sight for anyone who comes across it. The actor, who originally purchased the property back in 2009, spent a whopping $13.4 million on the dome-shaped house which comes equipped with eco-friendly items including solar-generated water systems and wind turbines.

In addition to the eco-friendly pieces, Downey Jr.’s home also has unique features unlike any other property — it has no straight lines or rectangular shapes.

The star’s house was originally designed by Nicolò Bini’s father Dante Bini in Italy during the 1960s. Earlier this year, Downey Jr. alongside his wife Susan Downey gave fans a deeper look into what he called their “guest house” with The Purist.

While showing off the house, Susan opened up about how the couple avoided making their unconventional property “cartoony” despite the utopian design looking similar to a house you might see on The Flintstones.

“That was really one of the balancing tricks: how to find items that worked in harmony with this unique structure without falling into parody. Never gilding the lily or having it look like Fred Flintstone’s house.”

During the interview’s progression, Robert Downey Jr. shared that each room including the theater room, kitchen, and bedrooms in the mansion have certain differences that still fits the home’s entire aesthetic theme. Despite revealing details regarding their home, and the many years it took to complete “the passion project” the couple never mentioned the total costs for renovations.