The Guys From This Is The End Want Some Likes


On June 12th, Seth Rogen and a bunch of his closest friends (Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Michael Cera, James Franco and more) are going to party like there’s no tomorrow in This Is The End. The film sees a huge gang of celebrities attend a party at Mr. Franco’s house only to discover that the world is about to come to an end that very night. It’s a great concept and all the promo footage that we’ve seen thus far looks hilarious.

Today, Sony has released a new video for the film featuring its stars pleading for some more Facebook likes. Once their page hits a certain number of likes, additional videos will be released. 500,000 likes will let you see Danny McBride wax Seth Rogen’s back while 800,000 likes will give you the chance to witness Rogen paining Franco in the nude.

It’s clever marketing on Sony’s part and has me even more excited to see the final product, which I think will be quite the treat. I’m a fan of almost anything Seth Rogen does (except The Guilt Trip. Honestly, what the heck was that?) and this film definitely looks like it will be filled to the brim with his signature brand of humor. Plus, I can’t wait to see all the celebrities who will be making an appearance here.

So, if you’re interested in supporting Rogen and his pals, or just want to see a nude James Franco, head on over to the Facebook page for This Is The End and give them a like.