This Scary Survival Movie Is #3 On Netflix Today


When a group of friends at a stag party out in the wilderness find themselves in a life-altering predicament, their weekend of celebration turns into a weekend where they must fight for survival. Out in the woods, they were meant to relax, have a little fun, and decompress. However, someone had other ideas for the group of men.

The movie is called Prey and the setup is an age-old tale in horror films; don’t go into the woods, if you do, you’re probably going to be hunted by something. Could it be some weird flesh-eating virus? Of course. Could it be back-woods inhabitants of the area you’ve just got to hike through? Absolutely. Could it be a masked slasher? You know it.

The thing is, you never quite know what’s out there, so you should just probably stay out of there.

Too bad our stag party didn’t think about all of the terrible things that could be lurking in the woods. One thing is for sure, it’s likely to be the only thing they think about now; if…they survive.

The film is number 3 on Netflix today, and it’s spooking audiences around the world. The characters will pull you in and have you invested in their longevity from the beginning, and while it may not be action-packed or as gory as some lost in the woods haunted films; it’s got a twisted story to tell and it’ll stick with you.

You can stream Prey on Netflix, now.