Thor Actor Chris Hemsworth Ready For A Post-Avengers Hiatus


Regardless of the box office numbers, Avengers: Infinity War is about to make history for a number of reasons – the 10-year story arc, the incredible character roster…you name it.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Infinity War is that the Marvel team, led by Joe and Anthony Russo, managed to capture the MCU’s biggest movie (and Avengers 4!) all within the space of 12 months, give or take.

It’s no wonder the Russo Brothers are exhausted, then, after the creative duo recently laughed off claims that they’ve been filming fake scenes as a way to throw people off the scent. On the ground level, the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Co. have undoubtedly earned some time off, given the intense nature of Marvel’s back-to-back productions.

“I want to be able to take the kids to school. I may even be off all year. Maybe,” Hemsworth told The Times, before joking that, “it’s time to just cash in and check out and surf for the rest of my life.”

Like so many of his MCU cohorts, Hemsworth is a family man, and after waging war against Thanos in the name of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Ragnarok star simply wants to kick his feet up and relax.

Via The Times:

It all happened at once and I’ve thought about it and gone, ‘God, am I trying to do too much at once?’ There’s no regret by any means. It just comes out of wanting to be [at home] more.

I want to be there more. My wife and I were talking the other day about how the years are flying by: our daughter [India Rose] is five and a half and the boys [twins called Tristan and Sasha] are three and a half. And however much time you do have together, it never seems like enough. It’s always exhausting, even when we have help with grandparents or a nanny.

That’s not to say the actor is finished with the MCU, per se; after all, there’s still the possibility of a fourth Thor movie, which may well signal another collaboration with Taika Waititi. Either way, expect the God of Thunder to return later this year once Avengers: Infinity War lights up theaters on May 4th.