Thor: The Dark World To Film In Iceland?

The story of Norse god Thor may be headed back to the area of its origination, according to Icelandic site Svarthofdi, who reports that Thor: The Dark World will film partially on the Nordic European island.

This is the second location revealed for the film, as it was recently leaked that part of the film would shoot in the UK too, towards the end of summer.

The location seems fitting, as much of the written record of Norse mythology comes to us from Iceland. The beautiful country has recently played home to some blockbuster films in the past including Batman Begins and Prometheus, and will be the home of upcoming films like Oblivion and Noah.

Furthermore, this wouldn’t be director Alan Taylor’s first trip to Iceland, as he has previously worked there while filming Game Of Thrones. Star Chris Hemsworth has said Taylor’s approach to the sequel is to have less green-screen and more on-location shooting too.

We already have a fair amount of information about the Thor sequel, and with this being the month that filming is set to commence, more details will certainly be unveiled in the near future.

What do you think of this location? Is it a good choice for Thor: The Dark World?

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