‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ art reveals the Odinson has become a Ravager

Thor Ragnarok
Image via Marvel Studios

We already knew that the Guardians of the Galaxy universe would be overlapping with Odinson’s story in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, but who could’ve predicted our titular protagonist would actually adopt their insignia, and that of a Ravager’s, no less, now that he has no place he can call home?

Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder has been through every conceivable tragedy in the course of his MCU journey. After losing his mother, father, home planet, brother, and even failing to defeat the Mad Titan before he wiped out half of all living things in existence, and ultimately abdicating Asgard’s throne after Tony Stark’s death, Thor now finds himself in a peculiar spot.

To deal with all of that, Thor has decided to become a Ravager, or at least to wear their clothing for a little bit. Below, you can check out the official “Ravagar Thor” promo art that depicts the character wielding Stormbreaker against “a terrifying new foe.”

Well, at least he lost all of that excess hair and beard. He now actually resembles Thor from the first two films, and thank god Taika Waititi decided to ditch the concept of Fat Thor in his sequel, reintroducing fans to a re-buffed version of Odinson after Thanos essentially had his backside handed to him in Avengers: Endgame.

He’s going to need all of his strength, after all, to go up against Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher, and that depressed alcoholic was no match for a supervillain of his stature, to say the least.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be opening in theaters on July 8, and the first trailer to herald this new ambitious journey is expected to release any day now.