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‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ is either one of the shortest or the longest MCU movies, according to theater listings

Which one should we believe?

Chris Hemsworth Thor: Love and Thunder
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All the signs are pointing to Thor: Love and Thunder being a wild and wonderful ride when it eventually hits screens this summer. But will it be a short and sweet turn around the ferris wheel or an epic and thrilling rollercoaster journey? At this point, who knows, as conflicting information is pointing to Taika Waititi’s second MCU outing either being one of the shortest entries in the Marvel franchise or one of the longest.

As previously reported, Australian theater chain Event Cinemas surprised fans by listing Love and Thunder as lasting for just 115 minutes. That would make it the joint-second shortest MCU film to date, on a par with Doctor Strange and just three minutes longer than its own predecessor, Thor: The Dark World. As you would expect, fans were disappointed to discover that the movie was going to be over much sooner than expected.

Except that might not be the case, after all. British chain Cineworld has now updated its own Love and Thunder listings, conversely claiming that the Chris Hemsworth vehicle plays for 140 minutes. Now that would be more like it. If this is the actual runtime, then Thor 4 will clock in at a much more substantial 2 hours, 20 minutes, which is only eight away from Spider-Man: No Way Home. That puts it in the upper echelons of MCU movie lengths, although obviously nowhere near the mammoth runtimes of Eternals (156 minutes) and Avengers: Endgame (181 minutes)

There’s a pretty sizeable discrepancy going on here, then, although it has to be said that Cineworld’s listing is closer to what rumors have pointed to LaT‘s runtime being. Obviously, fans will be hoping that the longer length is the real deal, too. But it seems we’ll have to wait a while more for a consensus to be reached on exactly how long Marvel’s summer blockbuster will be.

Thor: Love and Thunder blasts into theaters from July 8.

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