‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ promo art includes a mustachioed Korg

Taika Waititi as Korg
Image via Marvel Studios

There’s a lot to be excited about in Thor: Love and Thunder, but what MCU fans are looking forward to the most is being reunited with Taika Waititi’s affable rock monster Korg. Introduced in Thor: Ragnarok and then popping up again in Avengers: Endgame, the peek at him in the Love and Thunder trailer indicates he’ll be showing Thor the first victims of Gorr the God Butcher’s deicidal rampage.

Marvel Studios has further teased his highly awaited appearance with some newly released promo art, which shows off Korg’s dapper new look: he’s clad in barbarian-looking furry armor and sporting a perfectly groomed mustache. Check him out:

via Marvel Studios

It’s unknown whether this promo art has made the leap to live-action, as audiences may wonder why a rock man has started growing hair. Then again, perhaps it’s simply a mossy growth, making it some kind of moss-tache.

Waititi clearly loves voicing Korg so one can expect him to continue playing the character in future MCU projects as well. One hint of a potential appearance came in the trailer reaction video for Free Guy, with Korg appearing alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. This was technically the merc with the mouth’s first MCU appearance, so if the two are friends, we can expect Korg to pop up in 2024’s Deadpool 3.

But first Korg has to survive the cataclysmic events of Love and Thunder. Jane Foster taking up Mjolnir will probably rattle some cages in the new Asgard, while everyone is busy cooking up plans against whatever dark plans Gorr has for the surviving Norse pantheon. Here’s hoping the God Butcher gets at least one stony punch to the kisser on the way.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.