Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Korg In Deadpool 3

Deadpool Korg Free Guy

The Merc with a Mouth may have finally made his official Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, and even mocked the lack of movement made on his next solo outing, but we still know next to nothing about Deadpool 3. Of course, the rumor mill will turn in perpetuity until that changes, even if the only concrete facts are the presence of the Molyneux sisters on writing duties and a status as the franchise’s first canonical R-rated installment.

That being said, a new rumor posits that Reynolds is looking to bring Taika Waititi’s Korg on board as part of the ensemble. While there’s no other details or additional information provided, and it’s a natural line of inquiry to expect given the rocky fan favorite’s presence in the Free Guy trailer breakdown, it’s not the wildest bout of speculation we’ve heard swirling around Deadpool 3 by any means.

Reynolds and Waititi both play characters in the MCU, with the latter also part of the filmmaking team having helmed Thor: Ragnarok and next year’s Love and Thunder, and that’s without even mentioning the fact the Free Guy co-stars have been friends for over a decade after meeting on the set of the ill-fated Green Lantern, although they’ve since pretended as though the infamous box office dud never existed in the first place.

Looking at the lack of cold, hard evidence in the initial report, it definitely shouldn’t be taken at face value quite yet, but it’s hardly outside the realms of possibility either. Now that Deadpool is back and Loki blew the doors of their multiverse off their hinges, seeing him team up with a soft-spoken alien is firmly on the table for now until we find out from Marvel where the story is heading.