Darryl Has A Majestic New Roommate In The Thor: Ragnarok Blu-Ray


Remember Darryl?

The God of Thunder’s decidedly human roommate starred in a pair of short films designed to explain Thor’s absence from Captain America: Civil War, all the while giving us an indication of the tone and humor of Thor: Ragnarok.

After all, each meme-worthy stinger was directed by Taika Waititi, who would later go on to mold Thor’s third solo adventure into a global phenomenon, one that grossed a whopping $850 million worldwide. It’s now headed for Blu-ray and DVD, and thanks to some newly-uncovered intel, we know Ragnarok‘s home video release will include the next episode of Team Darryl. And it appears Marvel’s Average Joe has a new roommate.

Fresh off being unseated as the ruler of Sakaar, the Grandmaster makes his way to Earth to start a new life. It’s been over a year since Thor left Australia and Darryl has been struggling to pay his rent. Now Darryl needs a new roommate to help make the monthly payments. Unfortunately for Darryl, the Grandmaster was the only one who answered Darryl’s “Roommate Needed” ad and with no viable options, the Grandmaster moves in.

Not that we can say we didn’t see this coming. On the eve of Ragnarok‘s theatrical release, Jeff Goldblum was quizzed about a potential return to the MCU at some point in the future, to which he replied:

I shot a thing with Taika, where there’s a roommate in Australia. I show up at his [apartment], and I do knock on his door. And I take up residence in the little flat, as they say here. That’s what I do. And order things from the takeaway restaurant. Buy all the local foods.

Turns out that last-minute shot involved shacking up with Darryl. The Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray will be available from March 6th – February 20th for digital platforms – so it shouldn’t be too long before we get a glimpse of the revamped Team Darryl.