Taika Waititi Wanted Thor: Ragnarok To Embrace “Cosmic” And “Trippy” Nature Of Comics; Cites Flash Gordon As An Inspiration


When compared to his fellow Avengers, Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder is arguably one of the funnier members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and there is perhaps no better example of that comedy in action than the Thor solo movies and their fish-out-of-water storylines.

When it comes to Ragnarok, writer-director Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt For the Wilderpeople) is poised to double down on Thor‘s quirky qualities and embrace the “cosmic, trippy” vibe of the original comics. Between the fantastical space elements and the stunning lime-green color palette, it’s almost as if Waititi and his team have taken a leaf out of the Guardians‘ book. But as the New Zealand filmmaker told EW, the inspirations that helped mold and shape Thor: Ragnarok stretch back further still; all the way to a certain Flash Gordon.

I loved the kind of cosmic trippy vibe of the Thor comics. Another influence for me was Flash Gordon. I grew up loving that movie. … I’ve often said if Freddie Mercury were alive, I would have asked Queen to do the soundtrack. It just has that feel: it’s a cool bold, colorful cosmic adventure. And it just needed to be fun.

If you’ve caught either of Ragnarok‘s spectacular trailers, you’ll know that the third Thor solo pic involves the destruction of Asgard at the hands of Hela. Yes, Cate Blanchett’s Goddess of Death means business, and common logic dictates that her presence signals the introduction of the sixth and final Infinity Stone (Soul) in anticipation of next year’s Avengers: Infinity War.

And though Sakaar’s main event will be reserved for the battle between Thor and his old buddy, the Incredible Hulk, we’re learning that Thor: Ragnarok will also feature a feisty encounter between Valkyrie and Loki – Tessa Thompson and Tom Hiddleston, respectively – who must put aside their differences to confront Hela. After one or three duels, of course.

Source: EW