New Thor: Ragnarok International Poster Features Doctor Strange


With Marvel Studios’ final offering for 2017, Thor: Ragnarok, now being within reaching distance, it seems like we’re being given new treats by the day. Just this week, we were granted a new featurette, a promo and a few other goodies, with that generous trend continuing today in the form of a freshly revealed international poster.

Used to promote the Odinson’s third solo outing in South Korea, this particular piece plays up the much anticipated gladiator-style battle between the Asgardian warrior and the Hulk. As we can see, the two appear to be wrestling, or this encounter takes place shortly after their fight, with the Green Goliath possibly giving his buddy a hamstring massage as an apology of sorts after dishing out a savage beatdown. That, or he thinks Thor’s an action figure. You decide.

What’s more interesting are the reactions coming from the supporting cast. Odin looks embarrassed for his son, while the Grandmaster hides his laughter behind a fan. Hela, however, seems to be having great time watching the two tear each other apart, looking like a kid who just received the latest video game console for their birthday.

More perplexing to me, though, is that Heimdall and Valkyrie are paying more attention to Loki, who’s now apparently making a little extra scratch on the side selling plastic forks to spectators. Hey, if you have a better idea of of what’s in his box, I’d like to hear it.

Last but not least is that of Doctor Strange, a relative newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe whom we know to be making a cameo. Our better judgment says that he won’t occupy too much screentime, but the folks in South Korean marketing weren’t unwise to include him in hope of selling more tickets.

Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters on November 3.