Three Stylish Thor: Ragnarok Pics Find Loki Scheming With The Grandmaster


Star Wars: The Last Jedi is undoubtedly the talk of the town following last night’s magnificent, plot-ridden trailer, but there’s another film teetering on the edge of Disney’s production line.

Its name? Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel and Taika Waititi’s star-studded threequel that has so far been championed as a “fun, hilarious” addition to the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Critics have also spent the past 24 hours gushing about Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie, a badass mercenary operating on Sakaar who supposedly comes very close to stealing the show from Loki and Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder, the warring stepsons of Odin.

And though Ragnarok has angled Thor vs. Hulk as the undisputed main event – the fight of the century, if you will – Thompson’s Valkyrie is also poised to clash with Loki, who will no doubt be living up to his title as Asgard’s God of Mischief come November. When all is said and done, it’s understood the duo will be placed on the same team, presumably fighting off Hela, Goddess of Death, on Asgard’s shimmering Rainbow Bridge.

Thor: Ragnarok will likely save that spectacle for its grand finale, but today brings forth three stylish new images that spotlight Valkyrie catching a breather, along with Loki and The Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) plotting their next move.

Situated on Sakaar, previous trailers have revealed that Loki will be more than a little spooked upon seeing the Incredible Hulk smash his way into the arena. Remember, last time the two crossed paths, Mark Ruffalo’s Jade Giant left Loki gasping for air on the floor of Stark Tower (or should we say in the floor?), so we imagine Hulk’s reappearance will trigger a mild case of PTSD in Tom Hiddleston’s anti-hero.

But if there’s one money shot from the Thor: Ragnarok trailers, it’s Thor and Loki fighting side by side, and we can’t wait to see that brotherly bond reach new heights on November 3rd.