Three New Action Shots For Thor: Ragnarok Spotlight The Gods Of Mischief And Thunder


If there’s one film that was riding the crest of a wave of goodwill coming out of last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was Thor: Ragnarok.

What with its spectacular trailers, beautiful environments, and comedic interplay between Hulk and the God of Thunder – much of the dialogue was said to be improvised, mind you – Marvel and director Taika Waititi’s galactic threequel has staked its claim for being one of 2017’s best-looking and indeed most-anticipated new releases, as evidenced by Ragnarok‘s stellar performance on social media. Granted, it’s since been dethroned by Star Wars: The Last Jedi – a worthy competitor, we might add – but there’s no question that the excitement swirling around Waititi’s spacefaring romp is palpable.

And in an effort to keep that sense of momentum trucking along, Marvel has today unveiled three all-new action shots featuring the Incredible Hulk, along with the Gods of Thunder and Mischief. Played once again by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, those warring siblings will be fighting out of the same corner come November, when the invading Hela (Cate Blanchett) brings Asgard to its needs – presumably by harnessing the power of the Soul Gem, otherwise known as the sixth and final Infinity Stone.

Check out the new stills below, along with the two that were released yesterday:

That fabled jewel will undoubtedly bring Ragnarok closer in line with Avengers: Infinity War ahead of its own release in May of next year, while Chris Hemsworth has gone on record to state that although IW‘s leaked teaser places Thor on a collision course with the Milano and the Guardians of the Galaxy – quite literally, as it were – it doesn’t necessarily spoil the ending of Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok will be with us on November 3rd. And with talk of a hilarious Stan Lee cameo and the God of Thunder at his rib-tickling best, it can’t come soon enough.

Source: CBM