New Thor: Ragnarok Posters Rip-Off Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Two months out from release, and the exhaustive marketing campaign for Thor: Ragnarok is now beginning to enter the final stretch. And it’s just as well, too, lest Marvel spoil the entirety of Taika Waititi’s intergalactic road trip.

Following on from today’s brief but exciting TV spot – which dialed the action up to 11 – we’ve now got a pair of new posters for the highly anticipated threequel, and they’ll probably look a bit familiar to you. That’s because Marvel seems to have ripped off Batman V Superman when it comes to the design. Whether that was intentional or not is hard to say, but after looking at the posters side by side, you do have to admit that they share more than a passing resemblance, with each one teasing a titanic showdown between two larger than life heroes.

Check them out in the gallery below and see what you think:

Dubbed the buddy cop movie of the MCU, Ragnarok is all about pushing the God of Thunder like he’s never been pushed before. Set a full four years after the events of The Dark World – and two after Age of Ultron, for those keeping track – Waititi’s first entry in the ever-evolving franchise begins with the Norse god confronting evil at his doorstep. Hela, Goddess of Death, has descended upon Asgard to claim Odin’s throne as her own, and despite his best efforts, Thor is unable to put an end to her devastating siege.

One would assume Hela is harnessing the power of the sixth and final Infinity Stone (Soul) to wreak havoc, thereby teeing up the events of Avengers: Infinity War ahead of its own release in May of next year. But before the Russo Brothers orchestrate the biggest showdown the MCU has ever witnessed – so far, at least – Waititi will be serving up the latest (and greatest?) solo adventure for Marvel’s God of Thunder.

Stripped of Mjolnir and his luscious locks, Thor: Ragnarok looks set to push the titular hero close to breaking point, and we can hardly wait to see that arc unfold on the big screen. November 3rd is the date for your diaries.