Fiery Concept Art Unveils Surtur’s Dragon As It’ll Appear In Thor: Ragnarok


Surtur’s dragon has been unleashed…no thanks to Disneyland’s forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

The “Monsters After Dark” adventure begins September 15th and continues through until October 31st, hence the nod toward Halloween. But Surtur’s fire-spewing beast will soon be of great importance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, in particular, Thor: Ragnarok, as it’s set to feature in Taika Waititi’s galactic threequel come November.

It’s one of two mythical creatures included in Ragnarok – you know, aside from the God of Thunder and Mark Ruffalo’s volatile Hulk – after those who combed through the film’s showcase at San Diego Comic-Con spotted the Incredible Hulk getting to grips with Fenris Wolf. By the looks of things, that brawl takes place on Asgard’s Rainbow Bridge, so there’s a good chance Marvel has reserved that particular clash for Thor: Ragnarok‘s mind-melting climax.

Surtur, on the other hand, was spotted in Ragnarok‘s inaugural trailer, which saw Hulk leaping toward the sky-scraping fire demon without a care in the world. This concept art, one angled toward a family audience in order to promote Disney’s Guardians ride, naturally depicts a tamer, more cartoonish version of Surtur’s beastly helper, but it still gives us a fair idea of what to expect come November.

And let’s face it; Hela, Goddess of Death, won’t be the only one causing headaches for Thor, Hulk and Marvel’s newfound team, as Surtur and its dragons are a force to be reckoned with.

Between Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster, Loki and Valkyrie’s duel and the so-called “fight of the century,” it’s small wonder why Thor: Ragnarok has been named as fall’s most-anticipated movie. It’ll be with us on November 3rd and no, it won’t lay the groundwork for a Hulk spinoff.