Latest Thor: Ragnarok TV Spot Sparks A Revolution As Marvel Unveils A Host Of High-Res Stills


Asgard slips into chaos in the electrifying accolades trailer for Thor: Ragnarok.

Designed to trumpet the film’s early buzz – after 54 reviews, Ragnarok has cemented its place as Marvel’s highest-rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes – above you’ll find a sliver of new footage sandwiched between all of those stellar reviews, and the overriding consensus has deemed Thor: Ragnarok to be a colorful, cosmic adventure that is both hilarious and heartfelt, even if its core antagonist (see: Hela, Goddess of Death) lacks bite.

And all of this goodwill is beginning to reflect on the film’s box office forecasts, too. Earlier this month, analysts predicted a thunderous debut in North America, where Ragnarok is seemingly poised to collect $90m-$100m in its opening weekend. But according to the latest projections, Taika Waititi’s whimsical space opera will land on the higher end of that spectrum, and may even reach $110 million thanks to word of mouth.

Either way, this is yet another slam dunk from Marvel Studios, and in order to ensure the excitement remains at a fever-pitch, the Powers That Be (via Collider) have dropped a truckload of high-res action shots, which you can peruse in the gallery below.

With the exception of one or two pictures – a shirtless Chris Hemsworth and the up-close look at Valkyrie, the Ragnarok equivalent of Han Solo – all of these images will be overly familiar to those of you who’ve watched the trailers. Still, as a last-minute info dump, this is a welcome and relatively spoiler-light preview of what is undoubtedly one of 2017’s most-anticipated releases. But how will its box office cume compare to that of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($863 million) and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($877 million)? We’ll find out very soon.

Once Thor: Ragnarok stages its UK premiere this coming weekend, the Taika Waititi threequel will hop across the pond in time for its North American release on November 3rd.