Thor Will Reportedly Lose His [SPOILERS] In The MCU


Nobody in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has experienced as much trauma as Thor, and hopefully Taika Waititi’s upcoming Love and Thunder doesn’t pile any additional misery onto a character that’s seen more than his fair share already. Both of his parents were killed, his brother has died a couple of times and betrayed him on several occasions, half of his people were wiped out by Thanos, his home planet was destroyed, he felt directly responsible for half of all life in the universe being snapped away after failing to go for the head, and he lost an eye.

Having abdicated the throne at the end of Avengers: Endgame, it would be an understatement to say that the God of Thunder deserves a little bit of good luck after being constantly plagued by tragedy over the last decade. Unfortunately, however, that might not happen, because insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that the hero is going to lose one of his hands at some point in the future as Marvel’s planning an adaptation of the King Thor comic book arc.

In Jason Aarons’ series, the titular character lost his left arm in a battle with Malekith, but he presumably won’t be responsible for the injury in the MCU having already appeared in The Dark World and gained a reputation as one of the franchise’s worst villains ever. King Thor has lived longer than any other god in history, though, with the obvious exception of his brother Loki, and this version of the Asgardian ruler is a lot more world-weary and cynical than Chris Hemsworth’s charming and charismatic fan favorite.

Of course, Marvel Studios are known for taking creative liberties when it comes to adapting comic book arcs for the big screen, so realistically, the only tangible connection to the source material could be Thor losing another body part. But in any case, it’s intriguing to hear about and will no doubt be another interesting development for the character.