Where Are Thor And Rocket In The Avengers: Endgame TV Spot?


The new Avengers: Endgame TV spot sees several of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes back in New York and trying to work out what’s next on the agenda after the Decimation that purged half of all life from the universe. Thor and Rocket, on the other hand, are already on the move, and despite their limited screen time, the fresh footage of the pair has so far spawned a few theories on where the duo might be headed.

First of all, it’s worth noting that the two of them may not be in the same location. Granted, leaked promo art seems to indicate that the Thor and Rocket pair-up from Avengers: Infinity War will continue with the sequel, but for all we know, they could still go their separate ways for stretches of the film.

In any case, the TV spot contains a mysterious shot of Thor that sees the God of Thunder looking out over a rural landscape from the opening of a cave. Based on the strange, futuristic design of the cave, there’s been some speculation that Thor might be on an alien planet, with some suggesting that he could be looking for the location that Thanos retired to. An alternative theory is that the hero’s in the technologically advanced land of Wakanda, which would be fitting seeing how this happens to be where the events of Infinity War left him.

As for Rocket, the latest footage shows the Guardians of the Galaxy regular wandering into a cabin by the sea, and from the look of things, the raccoon could be venturing somewhere near the Northern Atlantic. There’s even been some talk already that Thor may have established a new Asgard of sorts around the Scandinavian region for the few survivors of Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok. Needless to say, this is still just speculation, but all will become clear when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.

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