Thora Birch Excited For Hocus Pocus Sequel, Open To Return


Just in time for fans’ annual viewing of the movie, a sequel to 1993’s Hocus Pocus was announced to be in the works last October. They’ve yet to be officially cast, but Sarah Jessica Parker has promised on behalf of Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy that all three of the Sanderson sisters will be back for HP2. It’s unclear if other characters could also return, but actress Thora Birch is open to reprising her role in the belated follow-up.

Birch played young Dani Dennison in the original, who battled the trio of witches on Halloween night alongside her big brother Max (Omri Katz) and his love interest Allison (Vinessa Shaw). While speaking with Hollywood Life, the star – who later went on to find fame in American Beauty – revealed that she’s “excited” to see what happens with the sequel.

“I’m excited for it. They’ve been talking about this reboot for five years. I’m excited to see what it all looks like. I know a little bit about a couple of ideas for stories, but I don’t know where it’s all going to fall at the end of the day.”

Hocus Pocus

On if she would like to return as a grown-up Dani, Birch said that she definitely would if she was asked – assuming they didn’t decide to go in some bizarre direction for her character, that is.

“If they would have me [I’d come back], depending on [the storyline]. I’m sure Dani’s not going to be selling crack in an alley anywhere, so I’m pretty open minded.”

Hocus Pocus ended with Max, Dani and Allison defeating the Sandersons, apparently once and for all. However, the final scene saw Winifred Sanderson’s sentient spellbook opening its eye, suggesting that the witches could be resurrected again. Fans have been waiting nearly 30 years for more, then, but now a sequel’s finally on the way.

While we wait for Hocus Pocus 2 to arrive on Disney Plus, Thora Birch can be seen as Gamma, a turncoat member of the Whisperers, on The Walking Dead, which is due to return to AMC on February 23rd.