A Thrilling Documentary Has Been Dominating Netflix This Week


Ever since Netflix first introduced their Top 10 feature, it’s been interesting to see just which titles have been dominating the most-viewed lists on the world’s biggest streaming service. Anyone trying to figure out some kind of pattern or algorithm based on what people are watching though would only end up with a headache based on how wildly both the genre and quality of the chart tends to vary on an almost daily basis.

Having millions of people confined to their homes more than ever before thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic has only made Netflix’s Top 10 even more unpredictable, and there’s literally no way of guessing what could end up as one of the platform’s biggest hits during any given week. We’ve seen The Help reach the top spot during a worldwide call for racial equality, The Last Days of American Crime hit number one despite having a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while the recent success of Hannibal has some fans convinced that a revival might be on the cards.


The latest surprising entry that’s been dominating this week is Magnetic, a little-seen 2018 documentary that follows a team of adrenaline junkies as they travel to some of the world’s most stunning and remote locations to indulge in some seriously impressive and more than a little insane pastimes that include everything from kayaking through dangerous rapids to jumping off the side of a mountain in a wingsuit, with the movie finding itself at various spots on the Top 10 list all week, with its highest position having been #3.

Given that a lot of people have spent the vast majority of the last three months cooped up indoors with little in the way to occupy their time or give them much in the way in excitement, you can totally understand why Netflix subscribers have been flocking to Magnetic in order to live vicariously through the documentary’s death-defying subjects.