ThunderCats Will Reportedly Be Similar To Lion King, But Feel Like Live-Action


Adam Wingard has been telling everyone that he’s bringing the ThunderCats to the big screen, with the Godzilla vs. Kong director revealing a huge amount of information regarding his passion project ever since it was officially announced to the world the other week. As a lifelong fan of the 1980s cartoon, he’s clearly been desperate to share the news with us, and we’ve already got a decent idea of what he’s planning.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of Face/Off 2 on the horizon, but once Wingard delivers his sequel to John Woo’s 1997 action classic, he’ll be off to Thundera, although we could realistically be talking five years or so until ThunderCats hits the big screen. We know that he’s planning to bring the cartoon to life and deliver an old school adventure epic realized with cutting edge effects, but it hopefully won’t look like the disastrous Cats.


Wingard claimed that he wants the project to exist somewhere between live-action and animation, and we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones who told us a new Exorcist movie is in the works – that ThunderCats will look to Jon Favreau’s The Lion King for inspiration in that it will feature a lot of CG but will feel live-action.

Classifying The Lion King proved to be a difficult matter, with Disney not submitting it for the Best Animated Feature Academy Award, and it wound up with a nomination in the Best Visual Effects category instead. The entire movie was created via computer with the exception of a single shot, but the photorealism of the animation blurred the lines, something ThunderCats will reportedly be hoping to mimic, although you expect there’s going to be a heavy motion capture element given the title heroes’ humanoid appearance, too.