ThunderCats Writer Says Fans Aren’t Ready For The New Reboot


Adam Wingard has literally been waiting his entire life to make a ThunderCats movie, so you can guarantee that the Godzilla vs. Kong director will be pulling out all of the stops to ensure that his ultimate passion project lives up to the high hopes he’s had for it in his head dating back to childhood.

The project was only announced at the beginning of April, but the filmmaker has already been talking it up at every opportunity. One of the first things Wingard did was make it clear that despite the superficial similarities between the two projects revolving around humanoid felines, ThunderCats will definitely not look anything like infamous critical and commercial disaster Cats. Which is certainly good to hear.

The big budget live-action/CGI hybrid will see the director once again team up with regular collaborator Simon Barrett, and in a new interview, the latter teased that fans and audiences in general simply aren’t ready for what the duo are cooking up.

“I will say this, our ThunderCats adaptation is going to be really, really cool. I don’t think people are at all prepared for how long Adam Wingard has spent thinking about ThunderCats. They are not ready for Adam’s ThunderCats movie. It is going to destroy.”


A blockbuster fantasy actioner about a warrior race of cat people facing off against an evil mummy and his army of beastly henchmen sounds equal parts insane and exciting, and there’s plenty of franchise potential in the property should ThunderCats live up to the expectations of both the studio and Wingard himself.

Having proven himself more than capable of tackling effects-driven spectacle and seeing it pay off at the box office, with Godzilla vs. Kong recently passing Bad Boys for Life to become the highest-grossing Hollywood film released since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December 2019, the personal and professional pressure is on. Passion projects and the realization of long-held dreams aren’t a guarantee of success, of course, but let’s hope ThunderCats hits big given the number of people desperate to see it brought to life.