‘Tiger King’ Season 2 Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Tiger King

It feels like a lifetime ago since Tiger King seized the cultural conversation, dominating both the headlines and Netflix’s most-watched list for weeks after unsuspecting subscribers were first introduced to the weird, wild and wonderful world of Joe Exotic.

In a matter of unfortunate coincidence, the series dropped just as the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic had large sections of the planet consigned to stay-at-home orders, and nothing whittles the time away quite like trash TV. Tiger King went on to become one of the platform’s most-watched titles of 2020 after drawing in 64 million streams in four weeks, but the story wasn’t over.

Tiger King

While Exotic has been doing his best to remain relevant from the confines of prison, and several fictional adaptations were placed into development in the interim, many fans thought that the first season wrapped things up in a neat little bow with no need to return to the well, but the streamer had other ideas.

We’ll see how the call shakes out under Netflix’s new viewership metrics now that Tiger King 2 has landed on Netflix, offering five episodes of brand new insight into the bizarre lives of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and their many friends, colleagues and companions both wholesome and unsavory, although it remains to be seen if folks will be quite so invested second time out.