Tim Miller Wanted The Deadpool 2 Budget To Be $150 Million


The Deadpool 2 saga continues today, with a new report emerging from the folks over at The Wrap. As you probably know by now, director Tim Miller departed the project over the weekend, which shocked just about everyone. Not long after, we heard that it was due to creative differences and in particular, the casting of Cable. Now, more details are coming out about what caused the filmmaker to leave, and they’re rather interesting.

According to The Wrap, Ryan Reynolds and writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were hoping to make the sequel a “scrappy, raunchy and inexpensive movie,” kind of like the original was. Miller, however, was eager to do a more expensive film, one that came with a $150 million budget. Of course, this would have turned out vastly different than the more “scrappy” version and thus, creative differences arose.


Reynolds and the writers weren’t on board to make Miller’s more “stylish” sequel, one which the director hoped could compete with “mega-budget superhero movies.” Ultimately, and not too surprisingly, the studio sided with Reynolds, Wernick and Reese and so, the director split and moved over to another project at Fox.

A search for someone to replace Miller is now underway and the studio is apparently moving fast to find someone to step in. We’ve got no indication yet on who they have their eye on, but we’ve got a feeling it’ll be a filmmaker who can essentially act as a puppet for Reynolds, as it’s clear that the actor wants to have most of the control here.

While we wait on word of a new director, tell us, would you have wanted to see a $150 million Deadpool 2? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts!

Source: The Wrap