Tim Robbins Joins Thanks For Sharing With Mark Ruffalo

Tim Robbins has joined Thanks for Sharing, the directorial debut from Stuart Blumberg. Blumberg was Oscar nominated for his screenplay for The Kids Are All Right, which was also Best Picture nominated. Robbins joins Mark Ruffalo in the film which The Hollywood Reporter describes as “a story revoling around characters in a 12-step program for recovering sex addicts in New York City.”

Blumberg has co-written the script with Matt Wilson and is expected to shoot in the fall. I loved The Kids Are All Right, I thought it was one of the best films of last year, and I thought the script was really insightful and genuinely funny. So I look forward to whatever Blumberg comes up with next. This sounds very much like a step strongly in the direction of author Chuck Palahniuk and Choke, which deals with sex addiction and self help groups.

Ruffalo is an underrated actor who deserves to get a big starring role like this and Tim Robbins is a very fine actor who is a reliable screen presence. So as of now, mark me as excited.