Tim Roth Joins Sam Rockwell And Anna Kendrick In Hitman Comedy Mr. Right


Mr. Orange has signed on for another criminal caper, as Deadline reports that Tim Roth has snagged a part in upcoming action comedy, Mr. Right.

Directed by Paco Cabezas (Neon Flesh) and written by Max Landis (Chronicle), the film revolves around a young woman (Anna Kendrick) who cannot believe her luck when she meets her dream man (Sam Rockwell). The pair fall in love, and everything’s hunky dory until her seemingly perfect guy turns out to be harbouring a secret: he’s a hitman. While my paraphrasing of the premise might not seem original, or enticing, remember that this is a script by Landis. He’s one of my favourite screenwriters, and has a knack for spinning out new angles on tired ideas.

Roth will now get to tackle Landis’ peppy dialogue as he’s set to play Hopper, Mr. Right’s former mentor turned nemesis. Sounds like a very villainous role, if you ask me, and who better to dabble with the dark side of life than Roth? While he’ll always be most-recognized for his parts in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, he’s stacked up a lot of solid credits on his resume since then. Although, he will be making a return to Tarantino’s flock when he starts work on The Hateful Eight this winter.

In another piece of related news, rapper RZA’s involvement in the film was also revealed today. He’ll be appearing as Shotgun Steve, a rival marksman who hooks up with another of Mr. Right’s adversaries. Could that be Roth’s Hopper?

Filming on Mr. Right is set to begin October 13th in New Orleans.

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