Title And First Teaser Image For Men In Black Reboot Revealed


Though we’re still waiting on the official title reveal for Avengers 4, at least we now know what to call that other major franchise film that Chris Hemsworth is starring in next year, with Collider reporting the full name of the upcoming Men in Black movie to be Men in Black International.

This weekend, the film is getting a booth at Brazil’s CCXP and it’s here that the title of the sci-fi flick was allegedly discovered. But if you need further confirmation that this is indeed what we’ll be calling it, Sony has since revealed the feature’s first official teaser image, which presents the words in big block capitals.

For those who’ve been keeping track of the project’s various shooting locations, the title shouldn’t come as too great a shock, with Hemsworth and co-star Tessa Thompson making journeys from London to Morocco to Italy, as well as the usual New York. What’s more, it was unlikely that Sony would go for Men in Black 4 as the name, despite the series tradition of keeping it simple, since this fourth entry will be serving as a soft reboot for the saga.

To elaborate, this means that while the film may not feature any Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black International will at least keep the adventures of Agent J and Agent K as part of the series timeline. This sense of continuity has allowed Emma Thompson to reprise her role as MIB head Agent O from 2012’s Men in Black 3, who’ll presumably be responsible for overseeing the new central pair.

We’ll see if Hemsworth and Thompson still have some of that Thor: Ragnarok chemistry left over when Men in Black International hits theaters on June 14th, 2019.