T.J. Miller Doesn’t Want To Do Deadpool 3 But Says He Will Anyway

Deadpool 2

The future of the Deadpool franchise is currently up in the air, which is just fine with T.J. Miller. The controversial comedian recently said on The Adam Carolla Show that he doesn’t want to do another movie in the series as he feels that the last sequel was perfect and Deadpool 3 would only ruin the previous installments.

In his own words:

“To be honest, I’d almost would rather that they didn’t. I think Deadpool 2, we knocked it out of the park. I really think it ended up being great and I was worried about that. So what if Deadpool 3 is… eh… Of course, if they want me to do Deadpool 3, I’m going to. I’m under contract.”

In the first two films, Miller starred as the superhero’s best friend Weasel. The wise-cracking sidekick has played a decent-sized role thus far in the series by helping out his buddy when needed and even being the first to come up with his titular moniker. However, due to Miller’s reluctance to return and his very ugly history, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if Disney decided not to bring him back for the third movie.

The 38-year-old has made headlines over the past several years for all of the wrong reasons, such as:

  • Physical assaulting an Uber driver
  • Sending transphobic emails to a film critic
  • Being credibly accused several times of sexual assault
  • Reportedly being a bully on set
  • Making a fake bomb threat while on a train

These are just a few of the issues that Miller has gotten himself into lately and now that the family-friendly House of Mouse owns the rights to Deadpool, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let the guy out of his contract. In fact, most fans would likely welcome the departure of such a jerk. If he doesn’t want to be a part of one of the most popular R-rated franchises of all-time, then he shouldn’t have to be. After all, it’s not like Deadpool 3 will suffer without him.