New Report Says Henry Cavill’s Superman Conflict Is Fake


If you’re also a geek, then it was pretty much impossible to avoid anything having to do with Henry Cavill’s supposed departure as Superman yesterday. Really, one story after another lit up entertainment sites and social media following highly credible industry outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline spreading the news.

According to TMZ, though, the frenzy is much ado about nothing because they say Cavill has yet to be formally removed from the role. Yes, the actor did feel that he’s been underpaid for his time spent as Big Blue, but the reality is that there’s just no Superman flick currently in the works at Warner Bros.

Going with my gut, I’m willing to say it’s more than likely that Cavill knows he can’t sit around forever waiting to star in a potential Man of Steel followup that may never arrive, therefore he’s keeping himself occupied with other gigs such as The Witcher.

But if a sequel were to gain legitimate traction, TMZ says it’ll still be Cavill in the headlining part if “a director felt he was the perfect guy for the role” and “assuming he and the studio could come to terms.” That said, I’m not holding my breath. It’s become crystal clear that Supergirl‘s more of a priority for WB as they’re rather gung-ho over a pictured centered on the Maiden of Might.

In the meantime, though, expect for more vague statements to come the studio and Cavill’s reps, while the man himself serves up cryptic social media posts. Hey, some of you took Henry’s latest Instagram adventure as confirmation of him sticking around, but I’m looking at it objectively insofar that he merely held up a Superman action figure. If the Mona Lisa is still subject for debate to this day, then a brief video that said nothing is also open to interpretation, right?

Source: TMZ