Henry Cavill Responds To Superman Rumors With Cryptic Instagram Post


As the internet continues to lose its collective mind over the reported departure of Henry Cavill from the role of Superman, the actor himself has now entered the conversation with the suggestion that our response may’ve been a little premature.

The official statement WB released earlier today was filled with PR speak and therefore not very informative, as it was more concerned with the working relationship between Cavill and the studio than it was with the current state of the Man of Steel. But a new Instagram post from the actor is leading fans to believe that he may not be totally finished with the role just yet.

Seen below, the cryptic video message has Henry wearing a Krypton Lifting Team T-shirt, looking to the sky with his Kal-El face and slowly holding up a Superman doll. What it means is anyone’s guess, but you can check it out for yourself and see what you make of this bizarre post.

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Today was exciting #Superman

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Again, it’s hard to say what Cavill’s hinting at here, but given all the Superman-related stuff involved in this video, it seems that he’s not looking to distance himself from the role just yet. In fact, we even heard earlier today that his decision isn’t final, so who knows, maybe there’s still hope?

Either way, next up for the fledgling DC Extended Universe is the release of Aquaman this Christmas – December 21st, to be specific. Beyond that, only Shazam!Joker and Wonder Woman 1984 hold firm release dates, which tells us that the studio’s superhero franchise is still very much in a state of flux amid the ongoing DC shake-up.

Whether there’s still a place for Henry Cavill’s Superman or not remains to be seen, but feel free to hit the comments section down below and give us your thoughts on all this.