Tobey Maguire And Sam Raimi Reportedly Eyed For New Spider-Man Movie

tobey maguire spider-man

At this stage, everyone’s expecting Tobey Maguire to show up in Spider-Man: No Way Home given the movie’s multiversal premise, while the director of cinema’s first web-slinging trilogy is already hard at work on a Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, with Sam Raimi’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set to arrive next March.

Naturally, this has led to speculation that Maguire could stick around the MCU for a little longer to reunite with Raimi in the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel, but a new rumor is going one step further by claiming the duo may be collaborating on another feature-length Spider-Man pic, with Sony said to be eyeing the pair for the in-development project. It’s unclear what the plot would entail, but the first two installments that Raimi and Maguire brought us still rank among the best comic book blockbusters ever made, while the third was an underwhelming conclusion severely impacted by studio interference, which ultimately caused their Spider-Man 4 to collapse.

While there’s realistically nothing stopping Sony from giving the project the green light considering that they control the live-action rights to the character and can do whatever they see fit with them, and it wouldn’t even have to be connected to the MCU at all given that Kevin Feige is only involved in Tom Holland’s franchise, there are still a huge number of variables and obstacles in play.

For one, Maguire turns 46 later this year and almost had to abandon the role two decades ago due to serious back issues, while he’s hardly been prolific since first hanging up the spandex after only appearing in six live-action films in the fourteen years following Spider-Man 3, and one of those was a brief cameo in Tropic Thunder. That being said, Sony are clearly desperate to continue monetizing their most lucrative asset by any means necessary, so this is one rumor we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.