New Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Movie Reportedly Depends On How No Way Home Does

tobey maguire spider-man

In news that could be a dream come true for Marvel fans who grew up in the 2000s, it’s been reported that Sony wants Tobey Maguire to return as Spider-Man for another solo movie, with Sam Raimi being eyed to helm it. This would essentially be the long-lost Spider-Man 4 that we never got back in the day.

It was Giant Freakin Robot who originally had the scoop on this Maguire story, but Mikey Sutton of Geekosity has followed it up with some information of his own. According to his sources, this project is indeed something that Sony wants to move forward with as they feel like getting Maguire and Raimi back together could be a winning combination. However, they aren’t properly pressing ahead with it until they see how well No Way Home performs.

In an ideal world, this wouldn’t even be a worry, as its predecessor – 2019’s Far From Home – was the highest-grossing Spidey movie ever. However, a lot has changed since then and we still don’t know how quickly theaters will be able to recover post-COVID-19. No Way Home is due at the end of the year, so it’s not one of the very first films to test the market, but its total gross may still end up being just a fraction of what it would’ve got before the pandemic.

This bit of intel is likely another indication that Tobey Maguire is in No Way Home himself, though. We 100% know that it’ll bring back one of his foes, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus, along with Andrew Garfield’s enemy Electro (Jamie Foxx), so we’re all just waiting on that announcement telling us that Tom Holland will be teaming up with both of his predecessors in the threequel. And if it’s successful, we can maybe expect a solo outing for Maguire’s Spider-Man to follow (and, fingers crossed, one for Garfield, too).