Tobin Bell Reveals His Favorite Traps From The Saw Franchise


While the Saw franchise no doubt made devoted fans out of many of us due to its memorable plot twists and riveting storyline that sometimes got a too bit convoluted for its own good, it’s the traps that stood out in the minds of moviegoers. Hey, what better way to up the ante in sequels than to incorporate more elaborate ways for everyday folk to get massacred, right?

Personally, the traps that I remember most are due in part to the narration supplied by Jigsaw himself that often accompanies them. As such, the “Venus Fly Trap” from Saw II probably remains among my favorites, but actor Tobin Bell has some reasoning of his own when it comes to his top picks.

True to character, he favors those that deal with peoples’ karma – and each of them appeared in the first three films, which, as you may remember, were the only three where John Kramer was actually still alive in the present. Plus, those often seem to be the flicks that most series diehards return to.

Speaking with Cinema Blend, he started things off by saying the twist from the very ending of the first Saw was a personal highlight. Actually, even he questions whether or not one would consider that a “trap,” but none of us can deny what a shocker that was upon our first viewing. Not only that, but it also set the bar for all third acts to follow.

Aside from that, he seemed to dig the pig trap from Saw III that saw a judge find himself at the bottom of one stinky smoothie, as well as the needle pit from Saw II. It’s somewhat funny that the latter was endured by Shawnee Smith’s character, who just so happened to be one of Kramer’s apprentices.

Tell us, were any of these your favorite traps from the Saw movies as well? Or did others stand out more to you? Sound off in the usual place below!