Today Is Purge Day And The Internet’s Freaking Out

The purge

One of the most iconic horror franchises of the last little while will soon return, as the fifth installment of The Purge universe will be with us on July 10th, 2020. At least, it should be if the Coronavirus pandemic is cleared up by then.

Following the success of The First Purge though and, of course, the eponymous TV series on USA, interest in the property is still high and with the previous four movies raking in $465 million globally, it’s clear that things won’t be coming to an end anytime soon. After all, given that the films are set in a world that cleanses itself of crime by allowing a 12-hour lawless holiday each year, it’s not hard to find new stories to tell that continue to unnerve and excite audiences.

Of course, as fans of the first movie will know, the opening credits saw security footage playing that showed us clips of Purge Day and one of them was dated March 21, 2020. The Purge was released back in 2013, but now, here we are, at that exact date, and given what’s currently going on in the world at the moment, folks are getting a bit creeped out that today is indeed Purge Day.

The purge

Of course, it’s not like anything that we saw in the movie is going to happen today – at least, we hope it won’t – but the similarities are still a bit eerie, what with most people on lockdown right now in their homes, tons of businesses shut down and the streets pretty empty and quiet. And as such, it’s understandable that Twitter is having some fun with the whole thing.

But circling back to the series itself, and we don’t know too much about The Purge 5 at the moment, but given the series’ impressive track record so far, we’re certainly excited to see what the producers have cooked up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get delayed.