Todd McFarlane continues to hype his elusive ‘Spawn’ movie by promising Marvel and DC talent


We may be on the verge of an actual no-kidding for a real announcement about Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie. The famed comic-book creator teased yesterday that big news was coming, but the response was muted as, let’s face it, we’ve been here so many times before.

Appropriately enough given Spawn‘s diabolical nature, the movie has spent years trapped in development hell, though McFarlane has remained a tireless cheerleader through all its ups and downs. Now, on the eve of the New York Comic-Con, he’s given an interview with New York’s Q104.3 teasing that Marvel and DC fans will be “very, very excited” about what’s coming:

“If anybody is into Marvel movies and DC movies, we’ve added some new talent, and so the geeks out there will be very, very excited when they hear the news. That’ll be at noon. They’ll go ‘Who’s joining the team? Oh my God, this is legit. They might actually make this movie!'”

McFarlane also confirmed that Jamie Foxx is not only still on board, but raring to go on the movie and apparently urging production to begin as soon as possible. We know how he feels.

The sheer amount of actors who’ve featured in Marvel movies and DCEU projects makes it impossible to narrow down who he might be referring to, but if he’s trumpeting the announcement this loudly, we’d hope it’s a big name. It’s also worth remembering that Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner, is already on board, so perhaps we’ll be getting one of his fellow Avengers in the cast?

After years of reporting on this project, we’re refusing to get excited until we find out what the announcement actually is, but maybe – just maybe – the rusted and creaky wheels on Spawn are finally starting to turn.

Onward to this week’s Comic-Con!