Todd McFarlane teases major ‘Spawn’ news coming today, but we’ve been here many times before


We really want to believe in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie, but we’ve been burned so many times on this project. The perpetually-in-development new movie about McFarlane’s hellbound antihero has been on the verge of going into production for years, but every time it looks as if there’s good news on the horizon the can gets kicked down the road and the waiting game begins anew.

So don’t blame us for not being especially optimistic about McFarlane’s new tweet that there’s “huge” Spawn news coming today:

The best case scenario would be McFarlane confirming that Blumhouse Productions have greenlit the script, that they’ve penciled in a release date, and that there’s a fixed date for the shoot to begin.

But at this point, we don’t know whether Jamie Foxx or Jeremy Renner are still signed on to appear in Spawn so many years after their involvement was first confirmed, or whether the film still has the same core concept of keeping the budget down by focusing on Spawn as an offscreen otherworldly presence.

A 2017 script of this Spawn leaked last year, with those that read it describing it as “garbage” as the title character is in the movie for just 15 minutes, and for at least some of that he’s a bed. Our fingers are crossed that this draft has either been ditched completely or heavily revised.

Perhaps it’s just best to wait and see what McFarlane has to say, so watch this space later today.