Todd McFarlane teases ‘now or never’ future of the eternally delayed ‘Spawn’ reboot

Image via Image Comics

Fans have anticipated another live adaptation of comic book anti-hero Spawn for a long time, and Todd McFarlane,  creator of the character, and comic book legend, has revealed that some big news is underway. 

While speaking with Rich Johnston, founder of Bleeding Cool, about the current state of his comic book empire, McFarlane spoke on the successes of Spider-Man and Venom, and how this has increased the potential for similar characters and films to emerge. 

“Something’s going to give in the next few months, right? There’s too many people pushing in that direction, again I’ve got a call later today on that very subject. You can imagine Spider-Man makes a billion dollars and everybody sort of gets sort of… I mean they were already crazy, now they just got twice as crazy.

I mean they got crazy when the only movies that were making money were superheroes, and then Venom goes and rocks it, and then Spider-Man comes in and obliterates it, so now they’re almost singular in their mindset of what kind of ideas they’ve got. So something has to happen. We’ll never get to the top of the mountain if we can’t do it now, with everybody wanting to do it now. Fingers crossed. I would say it’s now or never.”

A live adaptation of Spawn was released in 1997 and starred Michael Jai White as the titular character. While the film scored moderate success at the box office, it did not resonate well with many critics and fans. A reboot, starring Jamie Foxx had been announced years ago, but nothing is yet to come out of it. As the coming month of May will mark the 30th anniversary of the character’s first appearance, it seems as good a time as any to finally reveal concrete news about the cinematic adaptation’s future.